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Electronic medical records (EMRs) are electronic versions of patients' medical charts.

our experience with electronic medical records (EMRs)

Reliable Software Technology has worked on entire EMRs, as well as integrating our applications with EMRs. We've done the following relevant healthcare software work:

Coding (Charge Capture, ICD-9-CM, CPT, HCPCS)
Clinical Decision Support
CPOE (Computerized Provider Order Entry)
Dictation and Transcription
HL7 integration
Lab Orders and Results
Medical Scheduling
Medication Orders, Reconciliation, and Decision Support
Mobile Device Applications (cell phone / pda software applications, medical device software, etc)
Patient Portals
Physician and Nursing Portals
overview of electronic medical records

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are just an electronic version of a patient chart that often is/was kept in a manilla folder. It often contains demographic information, insurance information, lab records, prescription history, diagnoses, and list of past procedures that have been performed. Also important are allergies (drug, food, and other), reported medical conditions, and family history.

Traditionally, the definition of an electronic medical record is for just data that affects the patient's health rather than financial or scheduling information. However, electronic medical records can and do often store everything about a patient.

common EMR features

Clinical decision support is often built into an EMR to reduce medical errors by checking allergies or drug to drug interactions.

E-prescribing is mandated by the HITECH act to be included in any EMRs that receive reimbursement.

EMR Software Developed by us :



  • School Management System

    Medical Transcription Software

    Web based Billing software

    Jewellery Management Software

    E-commerce Software

    Tender Management System

    Matrimonial Poral